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Suite Española, III. Sevilla (Sevillana), Op. 47

Isaac Albéniz (1860 - 1909) (arranged by: Manuel Barrueco)
Romantic period

Skill level: Virtuosic

Time signature: 3/4, Allegro moderato

Suggested tempo: = 116-126 bpm

Key: G/ bE / D / Cm

Positions I - XII

3 voices: melody, bass, and accompaniment; block chords with complex voicing

Tuning: 6th string = D, 5th string = G

Approximate duration: 4 min

This transcription consists of the usage of Rasgueado technique; some of the editions including Leipzig: Friedrich Hofmeister (piano, 1918) mark the tempo Allegretto.

Chord Transitioning
Finger Independence
Bass Stopping
Extended Techniques
Right Hand Arpeggios
Left Hand Arpeggios

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