La Catedral, III. Allegro solemne

Agustín Barrios (1885 - 1944)
Modern period

Skill level: Virtuosic

Time signature: 6/8, Allegro solemne

Suggested tempo: dotted quarter note = 72 - 88 bpm

Key: Bm

Positions I - XIV

2 voices: complex arpeggio; melody and active bass with moderately complex voicing

Tuning: Standard

Approximate duration: 3 min

The second and the third movements were composed around 1920; earlier than the first movement (1938); highly recommend to check out the composer's own recording on YouTube:

Chord Transitioning
Right Hand Arpeggios
Left Hand Arpeggios
Finger Independence
Bass Stopping
Extended Techniques

Recommended recordings and lessons

by Evangelos Assimakopoulos

by Berta Rojas

by John Williams

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