Suite No. 11 Sarabande

Robert de Visée (1655 - 1733)
Baroque period

Skill level: Intermediate

RCM level: 4

Time signature: 3/4, Sarabande

Suggested tempo: = 69 - 76 bpm

Key: Am

Positions I - IV

3 voices: contrapuntal; block chords; melody and active bass with moderately complex voicing

Tuning: Standard

Approximate duration: 2 min

From Livre de pièces pour la guitare, Suite no. 11, mov. 3; The original key is in B minor; For transcriptions in A minor, highly recommended to check out Napoléon Coste's version; Filling notes in a chord and strumming with rasgueados were common practices in the baroque guitar playing style of the time.

Chord Transitioning
Finger Independence
Right Hand Arpeggios
Left Hand Arpeggios
Bass Stopping
Extended Techniques

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