Koyunbaba, Part III - Suite für Guitarre Op. 19

Carlo Domeniconi (b. 1947)
Modern period

Skill level: Advanced

Time signatures: 4/4, 2/2, Cantabile

Suggested tempo: = 86-100/60-120 bpm

Key: C#m

Positions I - XIV

3 voices: melody, bass, and accompaniment; complex arpeggio with complex voicing

Tuning: 6th string = C#, 5th string = G#, 4th string = C#, 3rd string = G#, 2nd string = C#

Approximate duration: 4 min

Special scordatura; the suggested tempi are based on the different sections in the music with different note values

Right Hand Arpeggios
Chord Transitioning
Finger Independence
Left Hand Arpeggios
Bass Stopping
Extended Techniques

Recommended recordings and lessons

by the composer, Carlo Domeniconi

by Paulo Martelli

by Aniello Desiderio

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