Grand Solo, Op. 14 - Allegro

Fernando Sor (1778 - 1839)
Classical period

Skill level: Virtuosic

Time signature: 4/4, Allegro

Suggested tempo: = 128- 144 bpm

Key: D

Positions I - XI

3 voices: melody, bass, and accompaniment; block chords; complex arpeggio; bass melody and simple treble non-simultaneous with moderately complex voicing

Tuning: 6th string = D

Approximate duration: 7 min

A typical sonata-form movement; There are three important editions of this piece: Meissonnier et Heugel, Salvador Castro de Gistau, and Dionisio Aguado; Grading for this piece is based on the edition of Meissonnier et Heugel.

Chord Transitioning
Right Hand Arpeggios
Finger Independence
Bass Stopping
Left Hand Arpeggios
Extended Techniques

Recommended recordings and lessons

by Julian Bream

by Andrea De Vitis

by William Kanengiser

by Andrés Segovia

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